Press Release
January 14, 2022

Gordon welcomes passage of 'survivorship benefits' to deceased prosecutors' families

Senator Richard J. Gordon welcomed the passage into law of Senate Bill 2373, a measure granting benefits to the surviving legitimate spouse and dependent children of deceased retired members of the National Prosecution Service (NPS).

"We are grateful and elated that the measure is now a law, which means that legitimate spouse and dependents of a deceased member of NPS are now entitled to receive all the retirement benefits that the departed prosecutor was receiving or entitled to receive," Gordon said.

"With the passage of the bill, our government will be able to take care of the NPS prosecutors' dependents and that would be a great help for their families," he added.

Before the enactment of Republic Act 11643, survivorship benefits are provided to officials and employees of the Office of the Ombudsman, members of the Judiciary, and other government officials.

The retirement benefits given to prosecutors are essentially similar to the retirement assistances of the Judiciary, except for the survivorship benefits.

Gordon, who chairs the Senate committee on justice and human rights, has recognized the sacrifice made by the prosecutors and their significant role in the country's criminal justice system, and pushed for the granting of survivorship benefits to their surviving families.

"Our prosecutors are risking their personal safety and of their families. They receive serious threats and their lives are always in danger. And so, it is our duty to protect them and their families as much as we protect our judges," he said.

"The benefit shall be such as to grant, in respect of the contingency in service, such as unexpected deaths in view of the risks and hazards of the profession, a continuation of the payment of pension of the prosecutors to the surviving spouse and/or qualified dependent children," Gordon added.

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