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February 4, 2022

Dela Rosa sponsors bill against the willful and indiscriminate firing of guns

SENATOR Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa on Wednesday urged his fellow senators to swiftly approve his bill seeking to penalize the willful and indiscriminate discharge of firearms, as he sponsored Senate Bill No. 2501 (SBN 2501), under Committee Report No. 580.

"Time and again, we hear news involving deaths and injuries of victims of stray bullets despite the continued campaigns of the government against indiscriminate firing. Ilan sa mga biktima ay mga bata, walang kamalay-malay at walang kalaban-laban. Tunay na walang pinipili ang ligaw na bala," he said in a sponsorship speech.

Dela Rosa, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, said SBN 2501 seeks to amend Act No. 3815, As Amended, or the Revised Penal Code.

Paragraph B, Section 2 of SBN 2501 provides: "Any person who shall willfully and indiscriminately discharge any firearms or other device that may not have been designed as firearms but can be functionally used as a firearm shall suffer the penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period, unless the facts of the case can be held to constitute any other offenses of which a higher penalty is prescribed."

?If the offender is a member of the military and military auxiliary agencies or law enforcement agencies authorized to bear firearms and such discharge is not in the performance of official duties, the penalty one degree higher than the prescribed in paragraph B shall be imposed and the offender may be held administratively liable.

In addition to the penalties, any firearm license or permit issued in favor of the offender shall be summarily canceled and the offender shall be perpetually disqualified from being granted any firearm license or permit.

Dela Rosa said the country has laws that recognize the dangers of unlawful use of firearms like alarms and scandals under Article 155 of the Revised Penal Code, illegal discharge of firearms under Article 254 of the same code, attempted or frustrated homicide or murder, physical injuries and grave coercion, and illegal possession of an unlicensed firearm under Republic Act No. 10591.

However, he sees the need to supplement these laws with a piece of legislation that focuses on the intent of the offender.

"From where I came from, civilians are often caught in the crossfire of not just bullets but political ideologies. However, I will never comprehend those who fire their weapons with no specific and valid cause. Hindi po ito katanggap-tanggap. Every time you hold a gun, you are given a responsibility and a choice," he said.

Dela Rosa, former chief of the Philippine National Police, said being a former police officer and a responsible gun enthusiast himself, the matter of gun ownership and control is very important for him and he is hoping that SBN 2501, once enacted into law, will be a significant help to dissuade the arbitrary, reckless and indiscriminate use of firearms, and promote responsible ownership.

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