Press Release
February 7, 2022

Opening Remarks
P.S. Res. Nos. 955 and 982

Inquiry on the recent row between Filipino Pole Vaulter Ernest John "EJ" Obiena and the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) Involving the Liquidation of Financial Support to the Athletes

Good morning, everyone!

Doubtless, the athlete's perseverance, determination, and relentless effort to pursue success are the main keys to achieving their dreams, but we must also consider the efforts of the agencies that work in the shadow of their success. For unity is strength and when there is teamwork, wonderful things can be achieved. It is only when a team works together that we truly achieve the recognition and greatness we aspire. We see this principle at work here in the Senate, we see the same principle in our families, and most especially in sports.

It is my hope that in today's hearing, we will be able to clarify the controversy between our national athlete, EJ Obiena, and PATAFA. In coming up with a fair solution through legislation or executive issuance to prevent the repeat of this controversy, may we aspire to further ensure the welfare of our athletes and promote sports to our fellow Filipinos who aspire to bring honor for our country.

Thank you. Mr. Chairman.

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