Press Release
April 1, 2022

Dispatch from Crame No. 1241:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on Palparan's interview with Lorraine Badoy/SMNI


It came a day too early. A bad joke for April Fool's Day from the clowns that make up the NTF-ELCAC.

Nagkakandarapa sina Badoy at NTF-ELCAC para i-red tag, o tawaging communist sympathizer, ang mga human rights defenders, mga student activist, at mga progresibong organisasyon sa ating bansa. Samantala, si Duterte, babalik na naman sa China para humalik sa paanan ng pinuno ng Communist Party of China, si Xi Jin Ping.

Sino ba sa kanila ang totoong kalaban ng mga Filipino? Ang mga Human Rights Defenders na nagtatanggol sa karapatan ng mga manggagawa at katutubo sa atin, o ang China na gustong nakawin ang ating teritoryo?

Badoy must be so desperate because she is being sued for abusing her office, red-tagging people left and right without any basis that in spite of her years in office, no legitimate case was filed, much less a conviction resulted, from her accusations.

Gaya ng amo niyang si Duterte, si Badoy, kapag nagigipit, sa Bilibid lumalapit. She found herself a convicted felon who is only too willing to lie to get on the good side of this administration. As Sec. Guevarra later revealed, Badoy did not even get permission from the DOJ or the courts to interview Palparan on-air. If her interview was legitimate, why did she have to do it illegally?

The cases against the convicted Palparan are all above-board and based on a solid case backed up by clear evidence. The cases were legitimate enough that the judgment was promulgated in 2018, long after I left the DOJ and Duterte was already President. In fact, I was already detained when Palparan was convicted of his crimes. So spare us the nonsense that I had anything to do with this politically.

Palparan's accounts, per a partial transcript I saw of his interview, of my alleged behavior during a hearing and alleged connection to witness Raymond Manalo, as well as my being approached by the Army to exclude Sgt. Osorio from the charges and what I purportedly said to them, are brazen lies. Ang tinding magsinungaling!

Palparan already presented the same lies before, but the evidence of his guilt is so overwhelming that the court decided to convict him anyway. Badoy is now peddling Palparan's lies because she is so desperate to fabricate a fairy tale story linking me, VP Leni, and the Liberal Party to the NPA, when all she has to do is ask Palparan about the mayor of Davao City who he hated so much because of his then blatant support to the local NPA command in Davao. He is no other than Badoy's idol Rodrigo Duterte.

Badoy represents everything that is wrong with the NTF-ELCAC: Hindi na nga nakakatulong, nakakagulo pa.###

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