Press Release
May 8, 2022

Dispatch from Crame No. 1,260:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on Duterte's Comments on Retraction of Ragos


Everyone is wise to Duterte and Aguirre's lies now.

Sinong niloloko nila?

Only the gullible will believe that I am in any position to bribe or coerce any witness to change their testimonies just like that. I'm neither rich nor powerful. The only thing going for me is the fact that the truth is on my side.

On the contrary, it is Duterte and his servant Aguirre who have the money and power to threaten anyone just to perpetuate the lies that led to my detention. And they did just that in order to get the courts to have me arrested for false charges.

Palibhasa nabuking ang kanilang kasinungalingan kaya pinipilit nilang takpan ng mas marami pang kasinungalingan.

From calling Marcos Jr., a weak leader and propagating rumors that he is a cocaine addict, Duterte is now singing his praises. Why?

Because he's panicking and he rushes to kiss the feet of the man he thinks will replace him.

Now that Duterte's crimes against me and the Filipino people are revealed as his term comes to an end, he is vulnerable.

Duterte cannot fathom the fact that the compulsion to tell the truth is working in my favor without any improper motivation, let alone prodding or undue influence from me, so he entertains and propagates baseless suspicions to discredit the recantations.

To quote Shakespeare, "Suspicion haunts the guilty mind". Duterte will suffer his guilt to the end of his days. ###

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