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June 1, 2022

Gordon bats for passage of bill creating a separate facility for heinous crimes offenders

Senator Richard J. Gordon underscored the passage of a bill seeking the establishment of a separate facility for persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) who were convicted of heinous crimes.

Gordon, chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, remarked in his sponsorship speech of Senate Bill (SB) 1055 on Monday that opening said facility would be beneficial for all parties involved.

"I am passionate about the creation of a separate heinous facility to solve not just the congestion in jails but also ensure the safety of the public and the convicts themselves," said Gordon.

"This is just the first step. As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, we will push for penal reforms in order to make positive shifts in our criminal justice system," he added.

According to the proposed law, heinous crimes are defined as grievous, odious, and hateful offenses by reason of inherent or manifest wickedness, viciousness, atrocity, and perversity are repugnate and outrageous to the common standards and norms of decency.

Moreover, the bill proposes that the separate facility shall be located in a secured and isolated place to ensure the lack of unwarranted contact or communication from the outside.

Three facilities for high-level offenders, or those who had been convicted of reclusion perpetua, shall be built in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, respectively.

Gordon also ensured that the new facilities shall be up to standards and uphold human dignity for PDLs.

"The separate facility for PDLs convicted of heinous crimes shall be a state-of-the-art facility with surveillance cameras and the latest information technology and security systems capable of monitoring PDLs 24 hours a day, and with enhanced and extensive security features on locks, doors, and its perimeters," said Gordon, citing the bill.

"The facility shall be maintained clean and habitable at all times. Sanitary and hygienic toilets and shower areas shall be provided and maintained," he continued.

Following the consideration of the Bicameral Conference Committee report, the bill shall be transmitted to Malacañang for the President's signature into law.

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