Press Release
June 12, 2022



Today, as we celebrate our 124th year of independence, we remember every Filipino before us who sacrificed and toiled for our liberty and for our right to carve our own path and identity.

We have this day because we refuse to forget the weight of history that brought us here. It is every Filipino's responsibility to remember the legacy of our heroes and the impact of our past. Through remembrance, we shape the future generation's understanding of history.

Every year, June 12 confirms it: history is not, and should never be, forgotten.

Preserving this hard-fought legacy of freedom now rests on our shoulders. Just as our fundamental freedoms embraced us and our collective dream of a better nation, it is also our responsibility to meet the challenges of the time. Let us not take our freedom for granted.

Many times during the course of the century, our country had been repeatedly battered and bruised, sometimes beyond recognition. But we, the people, have always found a middle ground, a consensus, a collaboration in good faith, that brings us back to the true spirit of nation building under a democracy: we are ALL born free, equal in dignity, with inalienable human rights.

As we embark on a new administration, such is the task before us, once again: to the plough and build the Philippines we, the Filipino people, deserve-- a country full of promise and possibility, a country proud of her rich heritage and history, a country deeply loved by her people. Tuloy ang laban, mga kababayan. Happy Independence day!

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