Press Release
June 15, 2022



Mga mahal, happy, happy Pride Month! Palapit na palapit na ang bago kong termino na magsisimula next month.

I'm ready to get back to work. We will use this 19th Congress to carve the runway to pass the SOGIE Equality Bill at long last. We will use this as a fresh opportunity to renew and prioritize our fight for ALL sexualities and genders. Oo, kasama tayong mga heterosexual cisgender sa laban ng mga LGBTQIA+ kapatid natin.

Praktikal lang naman ang SOGIE Equality Bill. In line ito sa diwa ng Konstitusyon at sa diwa ng pagiging Pilipino natin.

It ensures safe schools, accessible healthcare, and sufficient livelihood for more Filipinos. Mga buhay ang nakataya dito dahil usapang basic proteksyon ito para sa ating lahat. Yes, everyone is included in equality.

As we face the difficulties of navigating the ruins of a post-pandemic world, this is our chance to build something good and lasting. Ito na ang pagkakataon natin gawin namang tama at patas ang mga institusyon natin.

Mga kababayan, it is time we begin the process of healing the wound created by the gap in our laws that has allowed for bullying, ostracization and violence to way too many Filipinos. It is time we forge a country that includes all, loves all.

Mga mahal, you are more than Pride Day or Pride Month. You have every right to exist as you are in the day to day. You deserve these grand celebrations, these spaces of resistance; but you also deserve the ordinary moments, sa pang araw-araw. The everyday chance to be yourselves when you wake up to your family, when you take your coffee, when you meet your friends, when you go to work, in joy and sadness, in sickness and in health. You deserve to feel at ease. You deserve to be safe.

We will take this to the finish line no matter how long we have to fight with you. This victory will be sweetest because we will win it together.

Let's pride march to the future. Mabuhay ang LGBTQIA+ community! Mabuhay ang Pride!

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