Press Release
June 16, 2022

Dispatch from Crame No. 1,269:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on Sec. Guevarra's decision to continue prosecuting her cases


Secretary Menardo Guevarra's decision to adopt the position of the DOJ Panel of Prosecutors to continue prosecuting my cases in spite of categorical claims of coercion of witnesses is plainly a safe and nonchalant gesture. It is devoid of any effort to dig deeper in the wider scheme of things behind my persecution by Duterte. It is nothing but a worthless, unsubstantial table review.

Frustrating but not at all surprising or unexpected. I guess it was wishful thinking to expect anything different from Sec. Guevarra. Regrettably, it is still a Pontius Pilate act when he simply relied on the so-called "assessment" of the very panel of prosecutors handling the cases.

It is doubtful that Sec. Guevarra even read the recantation of Rafael Ragos where it was revealed that early on, Ragos already told the members of this panel not to expect his testimony to be perfect, given that it was all made up lies and forced upon him by former SOJ Vitaliano Aguirre. Did he even confront the panel of prosecutors as to the truth of Ragos's accusations against them?

One thing is clear. Up to the end of his term, Sec. Guevarra is minded to stand by the lies and manufactured evidence of the Duterte government, not wanting to displease his principal. He is, after all, Duterte's alter ego. Never mind justice. Never mind fair play. Never mind that an innocent person was kept in jail for the past 5 years, and counting, without real evidence except the lies of mostly convicted felons. Never mind the Truth.

It pains me that the very institution that I served faithfully has failed in its foremost, noble task to protect the innocent. ###

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