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July 7, 2022

Sen. Idol Raffy Tulfo files Top 10 priority bills in 19th Congress

Senator Idol Raffy Tulfo today (July 7) filed his Top 10 priority bills in the 19th Congress which include measures seeking to protect workers from abusive employers, assist poor job applicants and protect Filipino families from violence.

Senator Raffy, a known defender of the marginalized with a career in public service spanning over 20 years, proposed the Wage Theft Law and the Act Extending the Prescriptive Period of Money Claims Arising Out of Employer-Employee Relationships to protect laborers' rights and guarantee that they can claim what has been unjustly taken from them.

Senator Idol likewise filed the Poor Job Applicants Discount Act to make the job application process less costly for who are most in need of employment.

Aiming to embody true equality and equity, he also filed the Anti-Domestic Violence Act of 2022 amending the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) Act. The Anti-Domestic Violence Act of 2022 does not discriminate against the victims of domestic violence who do not identify or those who are not biologically women.

In addressing marital issues and concerns, Senator Tulfo proposed the Comprehensive Marital Infidelity Law and Divorce Law of 2022.

The Comprehensive Marital Infidelity Law removes the archaic difference between adultery and concubinage and allows for the prosecution of the crime even if the offending spouse had sexual relations abroad with a person not his/her spouse.

The Divorce Law of 2022 provides grounds wherein an aggrieved spouse may seek for the termination of marriage such as, but not limited to physical violence, sexual perversion marital infidelity and child abuse.

To allow the judiciary to develop in the same manner as different agencies or branches of government, Senator Raffy filed the Judicial Modernization Act of 2022. The Act allows the Judiciary to freely access the national budget to improve the dispensation of justice, especially the poor. This Act seeks to allow the judiciary to modernize and make more efficient dispute resolution.

Adding to his proposed legislations that seek to improve the plight of Filipino workers and fight for their rights are the Act Redefining Illegal Recruitment committed by a Syndicate and the Magna Carta of Filipino Seafarers.

These bills seek to curb abuses committed against Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and ensure that those who are committing such abuses are more easily prosecuted.

Completing Senator Idol's Top 10 Priority Bills is the Act Removing the Public Offering Requirement of Generation Companies to encourage investments in the generation sector. By making it easier to enter into the energy generation sector, the bill seeks to reduce the nationwide costs of electricity and to improve the reliability of access to energy.

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