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July 8, 2022

Senator Mark Villar files bill providing Bicycle Rights and Creation of Local Bikeways Office

Newly-elected Senator Mark A. Villar filed a Senate bill proposing for the Bicycle Act of 2022.

The bill provides the rights of bicycle riders and the establishment of the Local Bikeway Office (LBO), an office under the supervision of the city or municipal engineering office that will implement the rules and regulations of the Bicycle Act. Further, the LBO will be tasked to manage the construction and maintenance of a bikeway network including the identification of a bikeway roadmap.

"The bill seeks to provide a framework for a bicycle law on a national level so that Filipino commuters may find a cheaper alternative to get to their destination while saving the environment from harmful emissions," Mark Villar said.

The proposed bill enumerates the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of cyclists:

  •  Ride on any public road or street that has been designated as bikeway;

  • Know the use of right and left turn signals;

  • Adhere to the appropriate speed;

  • Wear a helmet at all times, where the chin strap is securely fastened;

  • Equip the bike with reflective materials when riding at night;

  • Obey all traffic rules and regulations;

  • Not riding on crosswalks or sidewalks, but only on bikeways;

  • Not clinging to another vehicle; and

  • Not carrying more riders than the bike was designed for, unless they're on a towed seat or trailer, among others.

Given the surge in fuel prices in the global market, the need for the use of cost-efficient, cheaper and environmentally friendly transportation such as bicycles will help Filipino daily commuters.

"Hindi lamang makakatulong sa pangkalusugan ang pagbibisikleta, ngunit nagbibigay din ng alternatibong solusyon sa mataas na presyo ng gasolina, pagtaas ng pamasahe sa transportasyon, polusyon sa hangin, ingay at kabilang ang mga bayad sa paradahan," Sen. Mark Villar said.

During his term as DPWH Chief, Sen. Mark Villar is staunch of the use of bicycle lanes. In fact, he issued a policy prescribing the standard design of bicycle lanes along national highways, in an effort to meet the needs and safe access of bicycle riders and other road users. Through Department Order No. 88, series of 2020.

Sen. Mark Villar is certain that with the passage of the said measure, it will boost bicycle use as an alternative transportation and it will provide additional safety interventions to ensure the protection of cyclists from danger.

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