Press Release
July 25, 2022

Sen. Grace Poe on SONA:

We laud the President's SONA for being pointed, forceful and aggressive.

It confronted gut issues head-on such as hunger that puts at the center the continuation of the feeding program for children and boosting the agricultural sector.

By vowing not to give up even a square inch of Philippine territory, he stood firm in defending our sovereignty as well as protecting the livelihood of our fishers who risk life at sea to put food on our tables.

The digitalization of government services is a program that is well past due.

As a key plank of the administration's policy roadmap, we hope that e-governance will enhance services especially to our poor citizens who must no longer wait and line for hours when transacting with government offices.

It's high time to shift to high gear the realization of the Public Service Act to entice investors and create employment opportunities.

We are one with the Filipino people in looking forward to putting our railways projects back on track which will offer faster, safer and bigger-capacity transportation. This, along with the modernization of our airports and seaports will attract more tourists, speed up the movement of goods and make travel seamless.

With the spotlight trained on the country's murky water situation, our people's wait for access to stable and clean water supply must soon be over.

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