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July 27, 2022

Senate commemorates INC's 108th founding anniversary

The Senate adopted on Wednesday a resolution commemorating the 108th founding anniversary of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and commending the religious group's leadership and contribution to the Filipino nation and the world.

Voting unanimously, the Senate adopted proposed Senate Resolution No. (SRN) 66 introduced by Senate President Juan Miguel "Migz" F. Zubiri, taking into consideration SRN 68 with all members of the chamber as co-authors.

"This is not just 108 years of the INC's faith shared by millions of Filipinos across the globe. This is also 108 years of the INC's role as one of our partners in nation-building," Zubiri said.

According to Zubiri, the INC remains a stalwart religious umbrella that is influential in shaping the country's moral fiber and spiritual integrity while fulfilling its mission of sharing the gospel of salvation to all and enriching the devotion and belief of its Church members.

Aside from sharing the teaching of Christ, the Senate President also recognized the INC's role in extending assistance to those in need through missions such as the Lingap sa Mamamayan outreach program and the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation which provide vital assistance in times of crisis.

Zubiri also commended INC's Unified Livelihood and Development initiative or UNLAD, which provides livelihood training and opportunities in garment and food processing factories.

"This reminds me of what I always say about cooperatives: that the best way to uplift our people is to help them help themselves. The INC understands this deeply, and provides valuable opportunities for empowerment through their livelihood programs," the Senate President said.

SRN 66 also commended the leadership and guidance of INC's Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo, which enabled the religious sect to constantly widen its reach, expand in number and remain an influential religious edifier.

"So again, on behalf of the Senate, we congratulate the INC, and wish them a Happy 108th Founding Anniversary," Zubiri added.

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