Press Release
August 3, 2022


Senator Loren Legarda welcomed the passage of RA 11904, or the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, which supports Filipino excellence in creative industries.

The law, which Legarda co-authored in the last Congress, is a significant milestone for creative industries. The law recognizes and protects individuals whose skills and ingenuity are being offered for the creative expression of the arts and for helping the country achieve a stronger economy.

"The Philippine creative industry is appreciated and recognized globally. It is prudent for the government to see how it can protect and nurture the excellence of the movers of this industry," Legarda said.

Creative industries are defined in the law as trades involving persons that produce cultural, artistic, and innovative goods and services originating in human creativity, skill, and talent and having a potential to create wealth and livelihood through the general and utilization of intellectual property.

The law requires the creation of the Philippine Creative Industries Development Council, which is mandated to implement a long-term plan for the development and promotion of the country's creative industries through programs that create opportunities and employment, financial-enabling mechanisms, and incentives.

The Council is tasked to formulate the Philippine Creative Industries Development Plan that shall include a ten-, six- and three-year development timeline with a list of specific activities in the industry. The law also grants the creative industries the necessary legal protection they deserve.

"We should provide adequate support and protect the artistic brilliance of this industry. The new law is a triumph for all Filipinos, recognizing the competitive edge of talents in our country and the strategic potential of the creative industry to the Philippine economy," Legarda added.

Legarda is known for promoting laws and policies that bring tangible benefits.

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