Press Release
August 10, 2022


Deputy Majority Leader Senator Mark A. Villar, in his manifestation at the session hall on Tuesday, pledges his full support on discussing the future and improvement of the Philippine railways system.

"It is my hope that through adequate government policies and good practices, we can improve and make our railways system to be like those of developed countries. Let us continue to support infrastructure programs that seek to bring development, jobs, and new opportunities around the country," Mark Villar said.

As the former Public Works Secretary during the Duterte Administration, Villar lauded the unprecedented strides that the previous administration has done to ease the burden of Filipino commuters.

One of Villar's advocacies during his term was the Kalsada Tungo sa Paliparan, Riles at Daungan, or KATUPARAN program. Under this initiative, connections to seaports, airports, and railroad terminals were built. As of this day, under this program, 443 kilometers of roads were built with the intention of enhancing economic, logistical, and transportation operations in these significant transportation hubs.

"We need a railways system that is efficient, operational, safe, and secured. A railways system that every Filipino commuter deserves," Villar emphasized.

Villar aims to continue the momentum initiated by the previous administration. Keeping in mind the concerns on safety and convenience of daily commuters.

"With consistent effort and support, the implementation of the targeted projects would be a lot clearer in the next few years. A whole-of-government approach is what we need in order to pursue these ambitious plans," Villar said.

"At the end of the day, the Build, Build, Build Program was never about just building roads, bridges, and infrastructure. Its main goal was to make sure that a comfortable life for all is attained and in order to achieve this, mass transportation must be one of our priorities," Villar added.

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