Press Release
August 30, 2022

Pia lauds 'digital' version of Senate journal Manifestation at the Senate session

Mr. President, just a point of information, happy news. I'd like to congratulate the Committee on Rules, under the Majority Floor Leader, of course, and the Secretariat. We now have our journal in digital format.

I am very proud of this, Mr President, because hindi ako makapagbasa ng journal natin dati because, as I discussed, these were in parang newspaper form. And this [newspaper layout] is very difficult to read in a digital format. So now, I am very happy.

And I would like to use this occasion to remind our colleagues that this is an option, walang pilitan, but it is an option. Kasi when I look around, many of the tables even have untouched journals. Kasi lahat tayo, nakatingin doon sa screen, which is also a great innovation. When I was a new senator, wala namang ganun, wala namang screen na nagfa-flash. So I am usually glued to the screen, looking at interesting bills that have been filed, so it serves its purpose. But if you want to scribble and take it home, may I remind our colleagues that you need to ask the Secretariat because, otherwise, they will print it.

The second point I want to raise, for all the chairpersons of the various committees, I just attended the Committee of Sen. Alan Cayetano, and the Secretariat graciously gave me printed copies of the presentation and I was happy for that. But with the consent of the body, and with the Majority Floor Leader's consent as well, may I propose a rule that we manifest now in public or in writing to every committee, how we would like to also have our documents delivered to us.

In my case, I am making this known to all the committees, and their respective Secretariats that I want it in digital form so that hindi na sila kailangan mag-print kapag dumating ako doon. Kasi sayang naman ang effort natin kung ang due diligence ng Secretariat natin, Mr. President, if they have 12 members, they will print 12, baka dumating yun kapag walang kopya, sila mapapagalitan. Pero Mr. President, alam naman natin na hindi naman dadating ang 12. So sana we can be responsible enough to make our own manifestations. I am making mine public already. I want it in digital form. And even if I don't attend the hearing, I want it sent to me digitally. I'll leave it to the Majority Floor Leader to determine how we can make this as efficient as possible. But again, congratulations for our move to the right direction: digital journals.

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