Press Release
August 30, 2022

Transcript of Senator Risa Hontiveros on the motion to recall ES Rodriguez
Blue Ribbon Committee Hearing on sugar fiasco
30 August 2022

SRH: Nung nakaraang hearing po I made a motion to recall the Executive Secretary and to require his presence during the next hearing which is this morning. That motion was seconded, Mr. Chair. No objection was interposed. may I know the status of the said motion.

Chair Tolentino: For the record, this representation was about to proceed with some administrative e housekeeping matters. The good Executive Secretary will not be able to attend today's hearing because there is a cabinet meeting right now, 9 AM the same time while we are having this committee hearing. We will again issue another invitation for him to attend the next hearing. I agree that was a manifestation, a motion made by Senator Hontiveos and seconded by Senator Dela Rosa. We required the Executive Secretary to be present but because of that cabinet meeting, I think because of the holiday yesterday, they scheduled the cabinet meeting today. We will invite him again.

SRH: Thank you Mr Chair. I thank the Chair for his assurance that the Executive Secretary will be invited to the next hearing. Just for the record, Mr. Chair, regrettable na yung cabinet meeting na dahilan kung bakit pagkatapos ng presentation nila noong unang hearing ay umalis kaagad si ES hindi na natin natanong ng ating mga tanong. Ngayon, yun na ulit ang dahilan kung bakit wala sila rito. I'm really really holding on to the assurance of the Chair that he will be required to attend the next hearing. Would it be possible for Mr. Chair to invite, or was he even invited pala, Mr. Chair? I don't see him as having been invited parang wala po sa guest list?

Chair Tolentino: We invited him and I was informed last night through other sources that a cabinet meeting is forthcoming. We do that in a different manner, not through the usual course of communication being sent by the CommSec, your Honor.

SRH: However, Mr. Chair, with all due respect, I recall that in the previous hearing, and the transcript of that hearing will bear me out, that the Chair actually said "The Blue Ribbon Committee will require the presence of the Executive Secretary during the next hearing." Would it be possible kaya, Mr. Chair, tulad ng iniutos ng Chair para sa Komite of Mr, former Administrator Serafica in the first hearing, to invite the ES to follow to the hearing later today pagkatapos ng kanilang cabinet meeting. Posible kaya yun, Mr. Chair?

Chair Tolentino: We will attempt just like the tail end manifestation of Senator Jinggoy Estrada and the records will bear that out subject to the availability of the good Executive Secretary. The Committee Secretary is directed to make a follow up invitation to the good Executive Secretary today in case the cabinet meeting would be terminated earlier than the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing. The Committee Secretary is so direct.

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