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September 3, 2022

Poe to look into 'personalized' text scams, passage of a SIM card registration law

The Senate committee on public services chaired by Sen. Grace Poe, joint with the committee on trade, commerce and entrepreneurship, will be conducting a public hearing on Wednesday, Sept. 7, to look into the latest text scam issue and determine how the passage of a subscriber identity module (SIM) card registration bill can respond to this kind of cybersecurity threat.

"Dahil sa kawalan ng umiiral na batas, ang hackers, spammers at phishers ay malayang nakakapanloko dahil naitatago nila ang kanilang pagkakakilanlan. Worse, they are getting more sophisticated, adaptive and personalized in their ways with their latest targeted scam messages already containing names of mobile users. Paano at saan nila nakuha ang mga personal na impormasyong ito? This is a very dangerous and alarming matter that needs urgent answers and solutions," Poe said.

In the Philippines, SIM card registration is not mandatory. Criminals have taken advantage of this policy gap to carry out criminal activities and evade the law through their anonymity.

In Senate Bill No. 99 or the "Subscriber Identity Module Card Registration Act", telcos are mandated to require subscribers to register their SIM cards prior to activation and use. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of their SIM card.

"It is worth stressing that despite being mandatory, the privacy of the consumer is given the highest regard. The measure prohibits the disclosure of information obtained in the registration process, except upon a court order, written consent of the subscriber or in compliance with the Data Privacy Act. Any breach of confidentiality by the telco shall be penalized," Poe explained.

If passed into law, the SIM card registration bill hopes to build a safer and more secure mobile use and cyberspace in the country.

"Let's intensify the crackdown versus these scammers by institutionalizing a protection mechanism for millions of mobile phone users in the country," Poe added.

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