Press Release
September 27, 2022

Co-Sponsorship Speech
Jesus is Lord Church - PSRN 230

Mr. President, my distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.

A great leader once shared, "We learn the more important lessons in life through our experiences. We learn that wickedness never was happiness. And that our mistakes can become stepping stone to greater life and glory."

The Jesus is Lord Church is consistent in teaching us the same lesson, not just because of their mission to bring all people together regardless of who they are and who they used to be, but also because of the growth we've witnessed from them, over the years, in love, compassion, integrity, faithfulness, and excellence.

Noong mga panahon na ang buhay ko ay nanganganib sa aking pag ganap ng aking tungkulin bilang isang pulis, at maging noong ako ay nadapuan ng Covid-19, wala po akong ibang takbuhan kundi ang Diyos. It is no question that I believe that all goodness comes from God, and I am still alive as a witness to His goodness.

In line with this, Mr. President, I support the adoption of this Resolution 230 recognizing and congratulating the Jesus is Lord Church for celebrating its 44th Founding anniversary. We stand with you in your noble mission of serving others, modeled on Christ's example.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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