Press Release
February 28, 2023


We should do away with this long-standing tale of make-believe that charter change will solve all our problems. Hindi yan kailangan sa ngayon.

Harapin natin ang realidad na inflation, poverty and corruption are the pressing issues that need to be addressed with aggressive political will and focus. Bakit may sense of urgency sa charter change, pero wala sa mga isyung ito na ramdam na ramdam ng mga Pilipino? Nahihirapan ang mga Pilipino, pero inuuna ang chacha na hindi rin naman nakakain.

Putting chacha front and center is just another major distraction, and will only sideline urgent issues. The economy is worsening and the agricultural sector is laden with so much scandal. Redirecting large amounts of our limited resources to charter change at this time will just do more damage.

I am glad the President has explicitly articulated that this is not a priority; I hope his allies in Congress act accordingly.

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