Press Release
March 3, 2023

on plans to revive the ROTC program

?I believe we all agree that the culture of violence has no place in a civilized society. 'Di ba, the reasons why the ROTC program was suspended were because of corruption, abuse and hazing? We need to put a stop to the decadent culture and violent tradition which have long been embedded in the system.

It's so hard to understand, align and reconcile love of country with a training course that is flawed to the core. Ang hirap din ipaliwanag kung bakit ang sinasabing 'tradition of discipline' accounts for a long list of hazing cases.

Iba't iba ang hugis ng patriyotikong pagmamahal, at lahat tayo may sari-sariling paraan ng di-mapanakit na pagdidisiplina--ang ibig lang sabihin, 'di hawak ng ROTC ang prangkisa ng pagdidisiplina o pagmamahal sa bayan.

Not to diminish the value of military training, but if it is indeed true that ROTC improves character and personality, how do we justify the many deaths by hazing? Saan ang character improvement doon?

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