Press Release
March 8, 2023

March 8, 2023
SBN 1505 and 1905 - Amending R.A. No. 6975
(The DILG Act of 1990), as amended

Hacking, Phishing, Photo and Video Voyeurism, Cyberlibel, Digital Piracy, Identity Theft, among others, are just some of the crimes being committed using modern technology. Even acts of terrorism are now being perpetrated through modern means. These crimes did not exist when the Congress enacted Republic Act No. 6975 in 1990 and Republic Act No. 8551 or the PNP Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998.

As technology continues to progress in the modern world, so too does the creativity of criminals. Machines invented and developed to make life easy for humankind were abused and weaponized. Cellphones were used to detonate bombs and personal computers were employed to commit fraud. One thing was clear, our police force must learn to adapt to the changing times.

Apart from the emergence of crimes using technology, what has happened with the law enforcement climate since 1998? In 1998, we only had 74 million Filipinos, today, we are at 113 million - that is over 100 million individuals that the PNP, as a whole, vows to serve and protect.

A lot has transpired in the twenty-five years since the PNP's last reorganization. Ang bilis, 'no? Kabago lang ng 8551, 25 years na pala. Ang bilis nating tumanda nito. Numerous laws have been enacted to be enforced by the PNP; a large number of individuals violating said laws have been arrested. The PNP itself has undergone so many changes since then.

For this year, the PNP targets to have 227,510 uniformed personnel which will translate to police to population ratio of 1 is to 494. Sa madaling salita, dumami na ang ating police force - ang layo na ng narating natin kung ikukumpara noong 1998.

Sa kabila ng mga ito, hindi kailanman nagbago ang sinumpaang tungkulin ng PNP na maglingkod at pangalagaan ang ating bayan. Ngunit hindi maitatanggi na sa pagdaan ng panahon, umusbong ang panibagong mga pangangailangan ng ating kapulisan.

In view of the emergence of modern crimes, rapid increase in population, and growing number of police personnel, our PNP needs to undergo structural changes to be able to continue to have an efficient and effective organizational structure. The PNP needs a piece of legislation that correctly reflects their composition and their respective functions.

Ordinaryo mang mamamayan o mambabatas ay may parte na dapat gampanan upang gawing crime-free ang ating bansa. Tulungan natin ang ating mga pulis na mas mapalakas pa ang kanilang hanay.

As a member of this Senate and Chair of this Committee, I hope to be of service to strengthen the institution I once was a member of. Trust that the Senate is committed to enact legislation that will serve and protect the welfare of those who have sworn to serve and protect the Filipino people.

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