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March 9, 2023

Legarda welcomes launch of eCongress

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda welcomed the launching of the eCongress, a secure digital legislative management system for the Congress of the Philippines, as she underscored the significance of constant collaboration, coordination, and sharing of knowledge, resources, and information amidst digital transformation.

The Concurrent Resolution creating the eCongress is geared towards improving, strengthening, and streamlining communications between the Senate and the House of Representatives with the help of digital technology.

It would enable both chambers of Congress to perform their functions and services to the Filipinos efficiently.

"Developing a database will substantially transform public services, provide better coordination between both chambers, and ensure alignment of national strategy. As more data is shared and secured, it can be synthesized into useful information for decision-making," Legarda remarked as she co-sponsored a Senate Resolution on Tuesday, February 28, noting the relevance of the 'information ecosystem' in today's world.

Legarda also highlighted the importance of eCongress in helping address various challenges in making public governance more inclusive and encouraging and strengthening people's participation and empowerment.

Further, she emphasized it is time for Congress to invest in resources that establish public digital infrastructure, articulate strategies, and integrate advances within the system of governance.

"Timely, accurate, and clear information requires the right digital infrastructure, efficient information systems, resources, and protocols," she stated.

The Senator added that digital transformation has long been introduced and is welcomed by the people and governments.

"The shared power of legislation of the Senate and the House of Representatives, as it has been desired by the fundamental law of the land, is justified to exercise careful and diligent legislation, expand democratic processes and secure orderly deliberation of both chambers of Congress," she said.

The Senate and the House of Representatives are launching the eCongress today at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Manila.

There will be a ceremonial signing of both the Concurrent Resolution establishing eCongress and the Memorandum of Agreement between the two chambers on the specific actions to be taken to set up the eCongress.

The signing will be led by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri and House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez.

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