Press Release
March 16, 2023

SP Zubiri on Indictment of Tau Gamma Members Behind Salilig

I thank the Department of Justice for its swift action on the case of John Matthew Salilig, indicting seven fraternity members linked to his death. I also thank the Philippine National Police for being hot on the trail of the suspects. Our law enforcement agencies' quick and firm action and apprehension is the best deterrent to crime.

This serves as a cold warning to our fraternities that the Anti-Hazing Law is at work, and that when you commit a crime, the long arm of the law will find you and justice will be served.

Sa mga pasaway at patuloy na nagsasagawa ng hazing, sinisiguro ko sa inyong wala kayong ligtas sa Anti-Hazing Law. Haharapin niyo rin ang batas, at mabubulok rin kayo sa kulungan.

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