Press Release
March 22, 2023

(Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 6)

Mr. President, it is my honor to co-sponsor Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 6, granting consent to Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda to accept the "Commendatore" to the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic conferred upon her by the Italian Republic.

Writer Suzy Kassem states: "Choose a leader who will build bridges, not walls." All too often, Mr. President, the picture of leadership we inherit is the protective kind. Hinahanap natin ang lider na matibay ang loob at ang paninindigan, na kaya tayong ipagtanggol laban sa lahat ng uri ng banta at pananakot. Leaders who shield their members from those who threaten the stability of the group. And yes, this is good for us. However, while it is good to be protected, I think it is far better to know when to tear down walls, in the name of genuine unity.

Thank God, Mr. President, that in our day and age, we have been introduced to the brand of leadership of our Senate President Pro Tempore, Senator Loren Legarda. By her unwavering example of diplomacy, participation, and commitment, she is now being given the award of "Commendatore" to the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. Indeed, Senator Legarda continues to show us that there is so much that individuals and entire nations can gain from building, not burning, bridges.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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