Press Release
March 23, 2023

Poe on the new water management office

The creation of a water management office is most welcome while the bills in congress are being threshed out. This is a timely intervention from the Executive which will hopefully alleviate the creeping water crisis in the country.

As an archipelago surrounded with water, it is ironic that we have a water crisis in our hands due to a fragmented resource management. Currently, at least thirty (30) line-agencies are tasked with the administration of water in the country resulting to policy and regulatory conflicts among these agencies.

We expect that this development lays down the groundwork for a more integrated and holistic approach to the water problem. A whole-of-government approach is also necessary to tackle the issues of sourcing and misuse of water in the country.

Both the legislative and executive departments are working hard at a more lasting solution in the form of a new water reform bill to ensure sufficient, clean, and affordable water for all Filipinos.

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