Press Release
March 25, 2023

Statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros on SRA Administrator Alba's Resignation

If the resignation is due to his failing health, then I wish him a speedy recovery. But many sugar insiders believe that this is a clear sign that Mr. Alba has seen that Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) is only being used as a rubber stamp to legitimize the preferential treatment given to All Asian and the other two importers. The circumstances seem to suggest that.

Basta ang alam natin, sa kabila ng pressure ng DA, ay hindi pumirma si Administrator Alba sa sugar release order para sa mga smuggled na asukal na nakaipit pa rin sa port of Batangas. Mabuhay siya!

Para saan pa ang SRA? Parang naging kabalintunaan na we set rigorous guidelines to import sugar for the protection of our local industry, and then we surrender that protection by allowing three traders to violate these guidelines.

Malalaman din natin sa mga susunod na araw kung bibigay din ang legal division ng Bureau of Customs — na siya namang inasahan ngayon at under pressure na baligtarin ang seizure orders sa smuggled na asukal ng "favored" traders.

We urge Former Administrator Alba to come out and speak his truth. We urge others to come out if they have information as well. Baka kung Hindi, you will be left holding the bag.

I am also urging Malacanang to strengthen the value chain of agricultural development, not the value chain of corruption.

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