Press Release
April 3, 2023

Tulfo seeks probe on condition of facilities in National Center for Mental Health

Senator Idol Raffy Tulfo filed a Senate resolution seeking to investigate the tragic condition of the patients at the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) facilities who are not receiving the specialized care and treatment they deserve because of the hospital's poor facilities.

Tulfo filed Senate Resolution (SR) No. 562 directing the Senate Committee on Health to conduct an inquiry on the condition of the facilities in the NCMH to ensure that patients receive proper care and to address the reported corruption in its management.

Tulfo conducted a surprise ocular inspection at the NCMH after receiving a tip from a concerned netizen that the mental health patients in said hospital are being treated unjustly or even worse than animals.

"Nakakalungkot na makita ang kalunos-lunos na kalagayan ng ilang mga pasyente sa NCMH sa Mandaluyong. Kung mahina ang iyong sikmura, tiyak na masusuka ka sa sobrang baho ng kanilang ward. Daig pa ang amoy ng kulungan ng baboy.

"Sa sahig sila natutulog at walang banig, kumot o unan. Nagsisiksikan na parang mga sardinas at sobrang init na mistulang pugon dahil walang ventilation at kulang sa electric fan," he shared.

Tulfo recalled that he first visited Pavilion 8 or the Female Ward that smelled of patients' feces and urine, which was made even awful by the smell of garbage dumped outside.

In said visit, he recommended to the NCMH Chief to use humidifier, automatic round the clock disinfectant spray, and clean the room at least two times a day.

The Senator also visited Pavilion 4 or the Forensic Ward housing patients with pending cases. He said that the cramped pavilion with no ventilation, save for the two ceiling fans, housed roughly 50 patients, but its capacity is only up to 10 pax.

In filing the resolution, Tulfo aims to identify the root causes of the problems and lapses in the facilities and operations of NCMH, as well as assess the quality of care, treatment, and support provided to patients in the hospital.

A member of the Senate Committee on Health, Tulfo also stressed the need to hold accountable those responsible for corruption or any lapses, negligence, or violations of laws, rules, and regulations governing mental health care services.

Tulfo said that there was one abandoned pavilion in NCMH, and its construction was not finished despite a budget of 60 million pesos.

In fact, Tulfo further divulged that it was also the reason why a former chief of NCMH was murdered because he disclosed these corruptions and other anomalies in the said hospital. He added, all those involved in the anomalies are still scot-free.

The Senator from Isabela and Davao said that that budget allocated by the government for NCMH should be used to improve the quality of care and support provided to patients instead of being pocketed by corrupt people using the money for their own benefits.

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