Press Release
April 10, 2023

Poe on water shortage

The water crisis hounding Filipinos is avoidable if the correct policies are in place and are being implemented.

The coming of El Nino is a predictable phenomenon, which should have kept water authorities and concessionaires on their toes to prepare for contingency measures.

Instead, we are confronted with the same old scenarios during this season of the year - dry taps, parched soil, below normal dam levels, long queues of pails.

While there are many water-related agencies, there is a drought of common goals that would set clear directions and actions toward water security for all Filipinos.

By this time, we expect the Water Resources Management Office to get its feet wet amid the water shortage being felt by households, businesses and the agriculture sector.

At the Senate, we will remain steadfast in pushing for the creation of the Department of Water Resources as a permanent body that will lead the comprehensive development and management of water resources to once and for all end our people's perennial water woes.

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