Press Release
April 17, 2023


While we can suppose the intention was good, a regional LTO's decision to include LGTBQ+ in the priority lane appeared to be a lapse in judgment. Priority lanes are meant to give priority to those individuals who have certain difficulties that affect their physical capacity to take part in normal government processes such as falling in line.

This is a wake-up call to better our understanding of inclusivity and equality in government service. It is also a jolt in LTO's leadership to strengthen their coordination and monitoring with their local offices. Tagging this as an isolated case is a failure in administrative oversight.

It is not the first time this happened. According to news reports, another District Office in the same region also dedicated a special lane for the LGBTQ+ together with senior citizens, persons with disabilities and pregnant women last Valentine's Day.

All policies on gender sensitivity, inclusivity, and equality for access to government services should be studied properly before rolling them out to the public. Our government agencies, especially those with front-line services like LTO, should ensure their compliance with anti-discriminatory policies.#


Sen. Grace Poe has authored a bill prohibiting all forms of discrimination. Said bill is currently pending under the Committee on Social Justice, Welfare and Rural Development

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