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April 25, 2023

Pia: how successful was the addition of two years of education under K-12?
Highlights of the manifestation of senator Pia S. Cayetano
Hearing on the 'Batang Magaling' Act

I just want to share, Mr Chairman, I visited the Tuloy Foundation of Don Bosco yesterday. My interest, as you know, is a little bit biased for sports. They have a very good sports program. But Tuloy sa Don Bosco, as I think most of the experts would know, has really been the pioneer in [technical vocational education]. Hindi pa tayo nagse-senior high, hindi pa nauuso...andyan na ang tech-voc ng Don Bosco.

So I think it would be interesting [to conduct] not just an ocular visit, but to observe. Kasi without going into the details yet, and as I said, my purpose there is primarily to look at their sports facilities, they are also now training coaches. Noong nagkaroon pala ng senior high, nagulo sila, kasi matagal na silang may tech-voc, Mr Chairman. Matagal na silang may graduates ng tech-voc with the then 10-year [basic education] program. So noong nagkaroon ng grade 11 and 12, sila pa ang hindi na-accredit kasi wala pa silang grades 11 and 12. And yet, I think everybody will know na they've been churning out tech voc graduates quite successfully. So parang may disjunct talaga, diba? Sila pa ngayon ang left behind in that sense, kasi napilitan sila magdagdag ng two years.

And if I may speak for Sen. Alan [Cayetano], that's always been his concern. Nagdagdag tayo ng two years, [but] how successful were those extra two years of education? Kasi that's all we want to know, di ba? And that's why we're here to listen. Thank you, Mr Chairman.

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