Press Release
April 28, 2023

Statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros on near-collision of Philippine and Chinese vessels in the West Philippine Sea

This was just the latest in a continuous, unbroken, and apparently unrepentant string of incidents that China should be accountable for.

I expect that the Department of Foreign Affairs will file a diplomatic protest at once. Simultaneously, Malacanang should condemn, in the strongest terms, China's ceaseless intimidation, torment, and threats. The executive should not wait for an even worse incident in order to finally put its foot down and tell Beijing to cease and desist in this kind of aggressive action. Ano pa ang hinihintay ng Palasyo? Na may Pilipinong tuluyang mamatay?

At this time, it's only right to actively and boldly continue in the direction of building bigger alliances. A broader alliance is a better alliance. Let us urgently work on building this bigger coalition of countries who are against China's misbehavior, who uphold our victory at The Hague, and who want to preserve peace and stability in the region.

We must also seriously look into reviewing our national policy towards China. Inaaraw-araw na niya ang pambubully sa ating mga mamamayan. Kailangan may mga polisiya tayong magtitiyak ng tunay na pagdedepensa sa karapatan at kabuhayan nating mga Pilipino.

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