Press Release
April 28, 2023

Zubiri to PBBM on US Visit: Bring Home the Bacon

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri is sending his support to President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos ahead of the President's departure for an official mission to the United States on April 30, which includes a meeting with US President Joe Biden on May 1.

"I wish our President godspeed on his official mission to the United States this week, and I fully support his endeavor to strengthen ties with our number one ally and trading partner, the United States. In a time where there is so much tension in the region, our nation must look towards our friends who share the values of freedom and democracy as well as respect for each and every nation's sovereignty," said Zubiri.

"The President should also give his wish list for the modernization of our Armed Forces, from the purchase of air defense systems, anti-ship missiles, drone capabilities, fighter jets, and larger patrol ships, to help us come up with a credible defense posture that could help us defend our country."

Zubiri, who had recently met with United States Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai to discuss the economic relations between the Philippines and the US, also looks forward to Marcos's efforts to improve trade ties during his visit.

"We need to strengthen our economic ties with our treaty ally and ask American companies to invest in the Philippines, especially those leaving China and other countries with unstable democracies. It's now time that the Philippines shines on the international stage, and I fully support the president's advocacy of creating new partnerships and strengthening old ones with the international community of nations. Godspeed, Mr. President, and bring home the bacon."

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