Press Release
May 11, 2023


Inspired by his personal journey and the strength of his wife, Former Undersecretary Emmeline Villar, who battles Lupus with courage and resilience, Senator Mark Villar showed his support to Lupus Warriors during World Lupus Day.

"My message to all those who have loved ones who have Lupus is, research about the disease don't be scared about it. It's nothing that should take away from the quality of life so what's important is we understand the disease, that's how we can live a very happy and fruitful life even with Lupus," Senator Mark Villar said.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Lupus patients and their families, Senator Villar aims to promote awareness, disseminate vital information, and support research and development efforts in the treatment of Lupus.

In fact, Senator Villar filed Senate Bill No. 1858 also known as An Act Instituting a National Health Program to Combat Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Disease last February 2023.

"The right to health is a fundamental right of every Filipino. I filed this bill to promote awareness and information for the public regarding SLE and to strengthen research and development to support and manage treatment for this disease. I also dedicate this bill to my beloved wife Em and to all the brave lupus warriors in the Philippines, who inspire us with their strength and resilience," Senator Mark Villar said.

The legislation aims to empower individuals to recognize early warning signs and seek timely medical assistance. Additionally, the bill places emphasis on strengthening research and development efforts, encouraging advancements in treatment modalities, and ultimately improving the quality of life for Lupus patients.

"You are more than your illness, I look at it in a positive sense that it's not a death sentence but it's something that I have to work on, just like how we work on our jobs and projects. So I hope that these things help you in terms of getting better and living better" Former Undersecretary Emmeline Villar said when asked about her message for Lupus Warriors.

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