Press Release
May 29, 2023

House Bill No. 7185 Citizenship of Kyle Douglas Jennerman

May 29, 2023

Mr. President, I voted yes to this measure with my whole heart. With nothing less but my whole heart, because I wanted my vote to match how much Kyle Jennerman, also known as "Kulas," loves the Philippines.

Naming his page 'Becoming Filipino,' Kulas has been clear about his intention from the very beginning. Talagang gustung-gusto niyang maging Pilipino. And he is not some fair-weather friend, who loves us only for our scenic spots and hospitality, but would turn a blind eye to our identity, our culture, and our language. He freely chose to enter into our world.

Perhaps, this is a pivotal moment in globalization - wherein we learn to love our identity even more as Filipinos, but we learn it also from the eyes of someone we would at first consider a 'foreigner.' Today, as we approve this measure on Third Reading, we are doing more than just approving the grant of Filipino citizenship to someone who was formerly foreign. We are welcoming into our home someone who, from the very start, did not just choose to enter the Philippines. He is someone who, from the very start, had already decided to stay.

I wish to thank Kulas with some words in Bisaya, Mr. President. Kulas! Kulas! Paminaw ba, paminaw. Salamat kaayo. Tungod nimo, mas daghan na karon ang nalipay ug nanghambog nga sila Bisayang Dako o BisDak, ug sila Pinoy. Salamat kaayo, ha! Daghang salamat! Many of us have learned to love our country even more, because of your example. Thank you for learning, thank you for staying.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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