Press Release
May 30, 2023


Committee On Agriculture,Food and Agrarian Reform Joint With Committee on Finance
30 May 2023, Tuesday, 10:00 A.M.

This Committee hearing was called today to officially grant this Committee the jurisdiction over the House Bills intended to establish local marine hatcheries. The purpose of this hearing is also to serve as a reminder to all regarding the necessary requirements prior to the approval of such bills.

Before a House Bill establishing a local marine hatchery can be passed, the following submissions are required: (a) a Site Pre-Feasibility Assessment, (b) a comprehensive Feasibility Study Report, (c) a Report on the Tenurial Status of the proposed hatchery location, and (d) titles and documents demonstrating that there are no issues with the Land Tenurial status.

Currently, I have sponsored a total of forty-one (41) laws establishing legislated hatcheries across fifty-seven (57) different sites nationwide. During the F.Y. 2023 Budget hearings, I took the initiative to advocate for an increased budget of Php 835 million to be allocated to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). This increased funding is intended to support BFAR in completing all forty-one (41) legislated hatcheries.

The establishment of these local hatcheries in municipalities and other rural areas where small fisherfolks resides are very important. It is used to locally produce fingerling to be given to small fisherfolks. It is also necessary for the propagation of the certain marine species to address the country's dependence on imported fingerlings, like Bangus, Tilapia, Mangrove Crabs, Pampano, Shrimp, Lapu-lapu, Dangit and other high value marine species. It will provide seeds to be utilized for aquaculture.

The aquaculture sector plays a vital role in ensuring the country's food security, generating employment opportunities, and contributing to foreign exchange earnings. In recent times, aquaculture has experienced substantial growth, surpassing the captured fisheries. By providing support to the aquaculture industry, will lead to the development of our fisheries industry in general.

According to the latest report of the Philippines Statistics Authority, in 2022, aquaculture contributed 2.246 Million Metric Tons out of 4.248M MT total fishery production or 54.15%. For the 1st Quarter of 2023, the contribution of aquaculture further increased to 55%, or 545,640 MT out of the 991,140 MT total fishery production.

Year Total Fishery Production Aquaculture Production  Percentage
2020 4.4M MT 2.323M MT  52.8%
2021 4.248M MT 2.246M MT  52.9%
2022 4.34M MT 2.35 MT  54.15%
1st Quarter 2023  991.14T MT 545.64T MT 55%

Given this, it is critical for the Government to give importance to the industry of aquaculture farming, and the House Bills, which intends for the establishment of hatcheries in several municipalities and provinces, that are subject in our hearing today is vital to this endeavor.

Let me again remind authors and sponsors of these house bills about the significance of submitting the required reports and documents. Please note that the House Bills lacking the necessary requirements will not be included in the committee report to be issued by this Committee. However, this does not preclude you from making future submissions in compliance with the requirements.

Can I get the opinion of the sponsors?

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