Press Release
June 13, 2023

Poe on toll rate hike

The drastic hike in toll rates must be explained in detail to the motoring public.

If these were periodic adjustments from more than a decade ago, the Toll Regulatory Board must explain why it only approved it now in one big swoop.

The question of reasonableness should not just be based on the PPP contract but also on traffic data. Is the expressway really providing express service? Is the convenience provided equal to what is being charged?

Maybe it is also high time that the government study dynamic pricing. We should not be charging high rates if customer satisfaction is low or performance benchmarks are not met.

While fare adjustments are within the PPP contract, the Toll Regulatory Board has the duty to ensure that the interests of the commuting public are also protected.

I urge the Toll Regulatory Board to look into this matter in a different perspective and make considerations for the end-users.

We pay tolls for a faster journey - that is exactly why it is called an expressway. We should approve toll fees in the same speeds that the expressway affords its users.

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