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June 29, 2023

Hontiveros pushes to get Senate majority support of resolution on WPS

Senator Risa Hontiveros on Thursday said that she is striving to get the Senate majority's support in bringing the West Philippine Sea issue to the UN General Assembly before session resumes next month.

The senator previously filed Senate Resolution 659, calling on the Philippine government to sponsor a resolution before the UN General Assembly that will call on China to stop its harassment of Filipino vessels in the WPS.

"I am positive that the majority of my colleagues in the Senate will support this resolution. In fact, I look forward to and am grateful for Senate President Migz Zubiri's text that my resolution will be scheduled for adoption," Hontiveros said.

"Sen. Francis Tolentino has also expressed his support of this proposal. I am pleased to hear the support of majority senators and am striving to get a consensus. This bipartisan effort only means one thing: our country is ready to stand as one against Chinese aggression and the senate, divided as we may be on other issues, stands ready to fight for our national sovereignty," the senator added.

The proposal to raise the WPS issue to the UNGA was first put forward by former Senior Associate Justice Carpio, who said that the Philippines can win should the matter of China complying with the 2016 Arbitral Award be put to a vote.

Hontiveros said that a UNGA win can have meaningful and consequential outcomes not only for the Philippines but for the wider international community whose peace and security is also threatened by China's aggression.

"The 2016 Hague ruling must be recognized and respected by all UN member-states, particularly China. The least all of us in government can do is to exhaust all legal, political, and diplomatic means to safeguard our sovereignty. The UNGA vote is one way to do it and I hope we can truly unite and rally behind this cause," Hontiveros concluded.

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