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July 8, 2023

Pia's appeal to parents: have your children vaccinated

Senator Pia S. Cayetano reiterated her appeal to parents to have their children immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases during her visit to Pampanga on Friday, July 7.

"Vaccination saves lives. If you are a parent, and you have a choice to protect the life of your child, you will make that choice, right?" Cayetano told reporters after meeting with local government leaders in Pampanga, where she talked about the importance of health, wellness, and sports in building sustainable communities.

The principal sponsor of the country's basic law on routine vaccination, the 'Mandatory Infants and Children Health Immunization Act of 2011' (RA 10152), Cayetano shared that years ago, she lost a child who was born with multiple disabilities due to a congenital condition called trisomy 13.

She added that no vaccines or medicines, and not even the best doctors could save her baby.

"My message is very simple. Mayroon po akong anak na namatay. Ang baby ko, mayroon siyang tinatawag na congenital disorder. Kahit anong galing ng doktor, kahit anong bakuna, kahit anong gamot, hindi kayang iligtas ang baby ko," the senator shared. (I lost a child. My baby had a congenital disorder. Not even the best doctors, nor vaccines and medicines could save his life.)

"Pero itong mga sakit na measles, rubella, polio, there are vaccines that can save a child's life," she stressed. (But there are vaccines that can protect children from ailments like measles, rubella, and polio.)

"Kaya ginagamit kong example ang anak ko. Kahit anong gawin ko as a mother, hindi ko ma-save ang life niya kasi ang sakit niya, congenital. Pero yung mga sakit na nadadaan sa bakuna, may magagawa tayo," she added. (That's why I use the story of my child as an example, because there was nothing I could do as a mother to save him. But for vaccine-preventable diseases, there is something we can do.)

Finally, the senator appealed to parents not to fall for baseless claims against vaccination that are circulating in social media.

"So please, huwag kayo makinig sa kung anu-anong pino-post sa Facebook, o sa Tiktok na hindi totoo laban sa pagpapabakuna. Nakakabuti po ang bakuna sa bata," she concluded. (Please don't believe false claims against immunization that are posted in Facebook or TikTok. Vaccines are good for our children.)

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