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July 15, 2023

Bong Go demands accountability from NORDECO amid continued power outage in Davao del Norte

Senator Christopher "Bong" Go emphasized the urgency of finding a solution to the Davao del Norte's power supply outages during a public hearing conducted by the Senate Committee on Energy on Wednesday, July 12.

Go appealed to the Northern Davao Electric Cooperative (NORDECO) to provide immediate solutions after its commitment to resolve the issue by June 30, 2023, has apparently not been met.

A native Davaoeño, Go cited a specific incident from June 13 when an unscheduled brownout disrupted his speech in Tagum City in Davao del Norte.

"Kumusta na po yung ipinangako ninyo na ma-resolve ninyo ito by June 30?" Go said, addressing the NORDECO representatives.

"Pakiusap lang, kawawa po ang tao na willing naman magbayad ng tama pero kawawa po, hindi maayos ang serbisyo na naibibigay ninyo sa kanila," he said.

Go demanded an update on NORDECO's earlier promise to resolve the brownout issue by June 30.

In response, a representative from NORDECO extended their apologies for the interruptions. They explained that the unscheduled interruption on June 13 was a result of an issue with the Mindanao grid, which affected the 400-megawatt supply of power.

They also clarified that there have been no rotational brownouts in the Island Garden City of Samal since June 5, due to the additional capacity installed and a current reserve of 2.6 megawatts.

Go, however, brought up further brownouts reported on June 2, 3, 12, 21, 23, and 25. He pressed for an explanation that addresses not just the incident during his visit in Tagum City but also for the public, covering all the municipalities under NORDECO, including areas in mainland Davao del Norte.

"Ang importante po, explanation sa publiko, hindi lang dyan sa Samal, kundi sa lahat po ng munisipyo na inyong kinakatawan, kasama na rin ang iba dyan sa (mainland) Davao del Norte. Interesado po kaming malaman kung naresolba ninyo na ang inyong ipinangako na maayos ito bago June 30," said Go.

As to NORDECO's commitment to connecting Samal to the grid from Pantukan by June 30, the representative apologized again, stating that the project was still ongoing. A new target has been set to complete the connectivity within the year.

Despite the delay, they reassured that there would be an available power supply in Samal, courtesy of the installed capacity of a modulator generator set.

In response, Go highlighted that the issues in Samal were different and that NORDECO covers areas experiencing brownouts beyond just Samal, including Tagum City and other municipalities.

"So, iba po ang Samal; ibang lugar po 'yun. Ito po'y isa pang paliwanag, ma'am, sir. Ang interruption po ay sa Tagum (City), hindi po sa Samal. Ibig sabihin, ito po ang mga lugar na sakop ng NORDECO na hindi lang po Samal ang mayroong brownout, kabilang na rin ang Tagum (City) at iba pang munisipyo," said Go.

He closed his statement by emphasizing the importance of monitoring the progress of NORDECO's commitments, saying, "Susubaybayan po natin buwan-buwan at kung ano na po ang update ng kanilang ipinangako sa taumbayan."

In the past, Go had called on the management of NORDECO and other electric providers to address the power outages in various parts of the country swiftly, citing the need to alleviate the living conditions of the residents who are paying for their service but are not given the expected service they deserve.

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