Press Release
July 25, 2023

Pia hails the Filipinas' historic win at the FIFA Women's World Cup

Pia on historic Filipinas win: the joy and pride we feel now are beyond words!

The joy and pride we feel right now at the Wellington Regional Stadium are beyond words! With each heart-pounding second that passed, we awaited this historic victory! Our very first win in the World Cup!

As head of delegation, I want to thank all the Filipinos who came out from all over the world to support the Filipinas, and everyone who cheered online and from their homes!

Despite being outnumbered by the home team crowd, you could hear "LET'S GO PILIPINAS!" being chanted throughout the stadium.

Our team has courageously defied the odds and has shown through sports, through football, what Filipinos can do when supported and given the opportunity to excel. They are here at the World Cup competing with the best!

Let's continue supporting the Filipinas (Rank 46) as they take on their next assignment - a must win against world No. 12, Norway on July 30 - for a chance to advance from the group stage Laban Filipinas!

*Senator Pia S. Cayetano*
Head of PH Delegation
FIFA Women's World Cup

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