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July 25, 2023

Senator Mark Villar commends President Bongbong Marcos for his second State of the Nation Address

Senator Mark Villar commends President Bongbong Marcos for his second State of the Nation Address yesterday, July 24, 2023.

"Overall, President BBM's SONA was very good. The President was able to touch base on all the pressing issues in the country. Economic gains, increased employment rate, Maharlika Investment Fund and Build Better More were among the highlights for me." Villar said.

President Bongbong Marcos highlighted the economic and employment strides achieved by the current administration, citing a 7.6% growth in 2022 and the 95.7% employment rate this year.

"The growth of our economy and increase in employment rate are good signs that the President is doing his job in terms of prioritizing economic recovery and making sure that Filipinos are given ample opportunities to succeed" Villar said.

The Maharlika Investment Fund Act was also mentioned by President Marcos, he guaranteed that investment decisions will be based on financial considerations alone and absent to any political influence.

"We are also extremely proud that President BBM explained the need for the Maharlika Investment Fund as a vehicle to further improve the economy and deliver more infrastructure projects under the Build Better More Program. The President's assurance that it will be free from any political biases is a plus factor, this will allow Filipinos to support Maharlika even more." Villar said.

As former DPWH Secretary, Sen. Villar also commended President Marcos for the continuity of big-ticket projects.

"I am also grateful to President BBM for continuing major infrastructure projects such as the Luzon Spine Expressway Network and Mega Bridge Program. These will play a vital role in our economic recovery and uplift the plight of all Filipinos nationwide." Villar added

The President also mentioned priority bills to further help his administration.

"In terms of legislation, the President mentioned priority bills that would help the country. We will look into these, especially those addressing food security, water security, ease of paying taxes, and anti-financial accounts scamming" Villar said.

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