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August 17, 2023

Senator Mark Villar successfully defends Internet Transactions Act of 2023

Senator Mark Villar has successfully defended Senate Bill No. 1846 or the Internet Transactions Act of 2023.

"This is good news for online shoppers and online sellers. The bill we just defended will protect merchants and consumers against fraudulent practices in internet transactions. It will address the pressing need to ensure that Filipinos can harness the benefits of the digital world without compromising their privacy and security," Senator Mark Villar said.

Senator Mark Villar stands firmly committed to the ideals and objectives of the Internet Transaction Act. Through this bill, digital platforms or e-marketplaces shall be subsidiarily liable with the online merchant or retailer if it failed to perform its responsibilities as laid down in the bill that caused damage to the consumer. This bill also establishes a code of conduct for all businesses involved in e-commerce in order to safeguard and advance consumer interests.

"Maganda po na we discuss the concerns of our fellow senators. The purpose is to make ITA future proof so that its application will not be limited especially sa hindi pa available na business model at this point," Senator Mark Villar said.

The interpellation highlighted the Senate's commitment to deliver a well-crafted and impactful law. The Senator remains steadfast in his commitment to advocating for its passage and effective implementation. Through his advocacy, he underscores the importance of creating an environment where individuals and businesses can confidently participate in the digital world, ensuring a safer and more prosperous online future for all.

"Natapos na po natin ang interpellations, we are now looking forward to the period of amendments. Hopefully by next week masimulan na natin so we can reflect all the comments and concerns raised by our colleagues." Villar said.

Once enacted into law the Internet Transactions Act of 2023 will prevent online scams and assure safety of both consumers and merchants engaged in e-commerce.

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