Press Release
August 26, 2023

Chairman, Senate Blue Ribbon Committee
26 August 2023

"The Ombudsman's ruling in Case No. 23-0091 is a welcome development in our collective goal to promote good governance and hold to account those who choose to betray the public trust.

This representation lauds and accords due recognition to the Office of the Ombudsman for its timely and decisive action on the matter involving the anomalous procurement of overpriced laptops which sends a strong signal that crime and corruption does not pay and those responsible will eventually be brought to the bars of justice to explain their actions.

This decision is consistent with the recommendations contained in the 197-page Committee Report of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee concerning the controversial Php2.4-billion pesos laptop deal. This affirms that the efforts and hearings conducted by the Committee were duly founded and were not in vain.

Overall, the swift and decisive action of the Office of the Ombudsman reflects that our democratic institutions are committed and determined to protect our democracy, promote good governance, and ensure that corruption will not go unpunished.

In closing, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee remains committed to work with and support the Office of the Ombudsman in further proceedings on the matter, and steadfast in its duty to pursue the truth, promote transparency and accountability in public service, and fight for justice and the greatest interest of the Filipino people"

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