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September 5, 2023

Tolentino uncovers elements of continuing crime in kasambahay Elvie's cycle of abuse

MANILA -- Senator Francis "Tol" N. Tolentino uncovered that the cycle of abuse to Elvie Vergara allegedly in the hands of the Ruiz family bore elements of continuing crime.

"Would you believe, State Prosecutor, that the elements of an alleged crime are considered continuing even though in another jurisdiction, not just in Mamburao, Mindoro, but likewise in Batangas City as well?" Tolentino asked Senior Deputy State Prosecutor Richard Fadullon Jr. during the Senate Justice and Human Rights hearing on Tuesday.

Tolentino, who chairs the Justice and Human Rights panel, threw the question upon discovering that Vergara was transferred to the place of Danica Gerlyn Ruiz, daughter of her alleged abusive employers France and Gerry Ruiz to experience the same maltreatment.

"When Elvie Vergara was transferred, apparently, for medical assistance to a place in Batangas city, to another member of the household of the Ruiz family, she was also asked to do the same work," Sen. Tol said.

This nature of the offense was confirmed by Fadullon saying, "continuing siya kung nagsimula siya sa isang lugar at nilipat siya sa isang lugar para ipagpatuloy ang pang-aabuso."

The cycle of abuse to Elvie done allegedly by the Ruizes was cited in the sworn statement of Maria Fe Guillermo Villar, the kasambahay of the younger Ruiz.

Sen. Tol assured that more details will be revealed in the upcoming hearings.

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