Press Release
September 21, 2023

Coral destruction in WPS puts coastal communities at risk -- Tolentino

MANILA -- Senator Francis "Tol" N. Tolentino underscored on Thursday that the destruction of corals can worsen effects of natural disasters such as tsunamis which can eventually put coastal communities at risk.

Referring to the recently discovered destroyed corals in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), Sen. Tol said: "Ang coral reefs act as natural barriers, protecting coastlines from storms, wave erosion, and tsunamis. They help dissipate the energy of waves, reducing the impact on coastal communities and infrastructure."

"With the loss of reefs, coastal areas will become more susceptible to these natural hazards, putting coastal communities at greater risk. The destruction of the corals can result in stronger waves," Sen. Tol further warned.

DOST Secretary Renato Solidum confirmed this by citing the suffocation of corals in Boracay due to the algae.

"Boracay was a disaster in the making because the corals were being destroyed by the algae," Sec. Solidum said.

Tolentino, who chairs the Senate Maritime and Admiralty Zones panel, remarked: "These are all interconnected ecosystems. The destruction of one will produce a larger tsunami which will have effects on the coastal communities."

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