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October 9, 2023

Bong Go urges agencies to monitor rising prices due to inflation, provide aid to the poor, and ensure proper nutrition for Filipino families

Senator Christopher "Bong" Go has urgently called on key government agencies, including the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and Department of Health (DOH), to address the pressing issues of rising inflation and increased spending on basic commodities affecting the Filipino populace.

This call to action comes in light of a recent survey that paints a concerning picture of the economic hardships faced by Filipino households.

According to a Pulse Asia survey conducted from September 10 to 14, 95% of Filipino households have reported increased spending on food in the past three months. Despite this uptick in expenses, 53% of these households have actually reduced their food consumption.

The survey also highlighted that 83% of respondents spent more specifically on rice, and 61% identified increased spending on non-rice food items. Additionally, the survey found that a "sizable majority" of 62% reported increased spending on electricity.

"Unahin po natin ang mahihirap nating kababayan. Dapat po tutukan natin ang inflation sa ngayon. 'Yan talaga ang pinakaproblema natin, 'yung tumataas na presyo ng bilihin," Go said.

"Let's not forget our minimum wage earners. Every peso is crucial for them. When prices rise, their daily earnings are no longer sufficient. We need to focus on controlling the inflation rate and also look into increasing the wages for our workers," he added.

Go called upon DTI to focus on monitoring the rising prices of goods and services while providing interventions to control or at least mitigate its impact on the lives of the poor.

"The DTI should be at the forefront of this battle against inflation. Immediate measures must be taken to stabilize prices," he said.

The senator also urged DSWD to continue and even expand programs like the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) that aims to help qualified indigent families and victims of crises make ends meet through immediate financial support.

"Nananawagan po ako sa DSWD, nandiyan naman ang pera, itulong n'yo sa mahihirap. Don't be selective. Use the funds wisely and make sure it benefits the poor and indigent citizens," he insisted.

"The DSWD should continue to actively distribute aid to those who need it the most," added Go.

Finally, Go also called upon DOH to focus on the aspect of nutrition, especially when people are cutting back on food consumption.

"Nutrition should not be compromised. Health is wealth, and a well-fed nation is a strong nation," Go emphasized.

"The DOH should roll out programs that focus on nutrition, especially for children and the elderly. These are trying times, and we cannot afford to have a malnourished population," he pointed out.

Previously, Go has expressed support for the 2024 proposed budgets for the DTI, DSWD, and DOH, emphasizing his commitment to support the projects and programs of these key government agencies.

With the recent survey painting a grim picture of the economic hardships faced by Filipino households, the senator said that tackling inflation, providing assistance to those most affected by crises, and focusing on nutrition is not just timely but essential.

"In these trying times, we must prioritize the welfare of our less fortunate countrymen. From controlling inflation to providing adequate social welfare and ensuring proper nutrition, every step counts. Let's not forget that the strength of a nation lies in the well-being of its people," concluded Go.

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