Press Release
October 17, 2023


As Chair of the Senate Committee on Sports, we will always support and protect the integrity of our Filipino athletes.

We take very seriously the allegation made by Anais Lavillenie, wife of a French pole vaulter, against EJ Obiena purporting that Obiena used performance enhancing substance. This is a serious allegation against our national sports hero who happens to hold the current Asian record in pole vault.

Obiena has already made huge contributions, not just to Philippine sports, but to the world. I am sure that Obiena is a professional world-class athlete who is expected to abide by world sports standards and policies.

I, therefore, urge the one who makes such claim to substantiate it and not resort to ruining someone's reputation on social media. If there is a need for any national athlete to undergo necessary and official tests from the anti-doping body, there is a process for this which I am sure any elite national team is aware of.

We should not tolerate such baseless accusations. After all, professionalism is part of sportsmanship.

Nanalo lang, pinagbintangan na agad. Baka inggit lang siguro. Walang gamot sa inggit.

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