Press Release
October 18, 2023

Tolentino leads inauguration of naval base in northern Phils near Taiwan Strait

MALUVIS ISLAND, BATANES-- Senator Francis "Tol" Tolentino led Wednesday the inauguration of the naval detachment in Mavulis Island, the northernmost island in Batanes near the Taiwan Strait.

The said Forward Operating Base (FOB) is one of the priority sites in Philippine Navy's Strategic Basing Plan 2040 which is being institutionalized by Tolentino in his Senate Bill no. 654.

During the inauguration, Sen. Tol highlighted the important role of Philippine Navy in defending the country.

"The Philippine Navy has been a formidable bulwark that protected the Nation from all sorts of threats," Sen. Tol said.

He added: "Now that the stakes are higher, I fully understand that you have to be equipped and trained in order to multiply your force and stand ground against those who attempt to trample upon our independence."

The Chairman of Senate Special Panel on Maritime and Admiralty Zones likewise shared his persistent push to pass the Maritime Zones and Archipelagic Sea Lanes laws to fortify the country's legal basis on its territorial dispute.

"We have to remain steadfast and firm for the long term benefits of enacting laws for the protection of seas, promotion of sea-based economy, for the welfare of deprived and underprivileged fisherfolks and other workers dependent on the gifts of our seas," Tolentino further concluded.

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