Press Release
October 23, 2023

Hontiveros to DFA: Join the call for even more humanitarian aid to enter Gaza

Senator Risa Hontiveros on Monday urged the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to join the call for more humanitarian aid to enter war-torn Gaza.

"There are many Filipinos who have made a life in Palestine. Tulungan natin ang ating mga kababayan pati ang lugar na naging tahanan na nila. No human being deserves to suffer through this violence," Hontiveros said.

The DFA reported that the 131 Filipinos in Gaza are multi-generational, comprised of Filipino women married to Palestinians, their children, and their grandchildren.

The senator then stressed that while there is a current humanitarian corridor -- a zone that allows the safe transit of humanitarian aid -- in the Rafah crossing, the Philippine government, through the DFA, should help ensure that this corridor remains open for the safe passage of humanitarian aid and fleeing civilians.

Hontiveros said that the 20 aid trucks that have been allowed entry are not sufficient to help the civilians currently trapped in Gaza.

"I strongly urge the DFA to also support efforts that call for more humanitarian corridors. As part of the community of nations, we have a shared responsibility, a commitment to international humanitarian law to protect civilians at all times," the senator said.

"The situation in Gaza is beyond horrific. As a mother, I cannot even begin to explain the pain of seeing the images of innocent children affected in this conflict. May we tap into our common humanity and do all that is necessary to guarantee all peoples' most basic right to life," Hontiveros concluded.

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